Terms of Reference

A key task for the Commission will be to consider how attainment in STEM subjects can be developed throughout the education journey from nursery age to the point at which young people enter employment. Equipping a greater proportion of young people with skills in STEM subjects will enable them to access higher paid jobs not only in Haringey but across London. STEM subjects will become integral to a growing proportion of jobs, not just those that relate directly to STEM subjects; therefore, ensuring that all young people have a strong grounding in STEM subjects will be a focus for the Commission.
There is a correlation between students who are eligible for free school meals and poor educational attainment in STEM subjects and the Commission will also be asked to focus on how performance can be improved specifically amongst this group.
At present there is a lack of awareness around the level and types of jobs available in STEM subjects. In tandem with supporting young people to build skills in this area improving the general awareness of STEM based jobs will also be a focus for the Commission.
With this in mind the Commission will explore how best to develop bespoke work experience programmes and apprenticeship opportunities. It will also look at how schools and FE colleges might develop their careers advice and pathways around STEM subjects.

The key questions that the Commission has been asked to address are:

  • How best to equip our young people to develop the right skills and be able to access the opportunities that the STEM sectors offer
  • How might attainment amongst young people from a less affluent background can be improved and ensure that there are appropriate pathways into further and higher education, digital apprenticeships and 21st century careers
  • Consider whether or not we currently have the right skills providers and post 16 provision in place to meet the needs and aspirations of Haringey’s young people and if not, what we might do to address that gap;
  • Identify how schools can be supported to strengthen relationship with those working in the STEM sector, particularly specialist educators and employers, including through increasing apprenticeship opportunities for Haringey’s young people
  • Identify how best we could stimulate awareness of the employment opportunities in STEM subjects
  • As part of the evidence and research that will support the work of the Commission, identify what barriers exist to accessing opportunities in the STEM sectors, especially for young women and those from a less affluent background
  • Make recommendations about what actions the Council and other partners need to take to align strategic efforts and resources, taking into consideration what already exists in Haringey and across London
  • Position Haringey at the forefront of STEM education among Government, education and employer audiences


In undertaking this work the Commission will:

  • Be independent from the Council
  • Actively seek out and listen to a broad range of views, including those of employers, teachers, parents, governors and pupils in Haringey;
  • Draw conclusions and recommendations based on analysis of evidence sought from a wide range of sources


The work of the Commission will look at:

  • Best practice in STEM education both in the UK and abroad
  • The future direction of the sector and what skills will be needed in order for young people to access the opportunities it offers
  • What that might mean for Haringey and its education and skills offer